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Self aligning ball bearing replacement step
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There are mainly two kinds of vibrating motors for vibrating screen. Vertical vibration motor is mainly applied to rotary vibrating screen. Horizontal vibrating motor can be applied to various kinds of vibration screening equipment, and vibrating motor is the main excitation source of vibrating screen, and its important status can be imagined. The vibration motor selection of heavy-duty bearings, can carry a certain axial load, regardless of the installation direction how affect bearing life without axial load.
90% off unload bearing
(1) remove the shield at both ends of the vibrating motor (vertical vibration motor without protective cover), record the excitation force percentile value of the eccentric block when working, so as to restore the original working state when installing.
(2) remove the shaft at the end of the two axis;
(3) loosen the external eccentric block fastening bolts, remove the external eccentric block, a shaft key unloading shaft key. Unscrew the fastening bolts in the eccentric block, remove the inner eccentric block;
(4) unload the bearing seat to press the bolt, disassemble the screw hole with the appropriate bolt into the bearing seat, and top out the bearing seat from the casing.
(5) unload the bearing cap from the bearing seat, press out the bearing from the bearing seat or top out with a suitable bolt;
(6) if the bearing is set inside and outside cylindrical roller bearing is separable bearing sleeve, should be removed from the shaft, and put the original bearing coat;
(7) thoroughly clean the oil of each component.
2. mounting bearing
When a new bearing is replaced by a vibrating motor, a bearing that is the same as that of a prototype must be used.
(1) bearing with kerosene wash, pressure bearing, roller bearing outer ring to fill at Shell No. three to 2/3 full wash grease, evenly, mounted on the bearing cover, with coated bolt fastening bolt pressing bearing gland pine gum;
(2) the bearing is a detachable cylindrical roller bearing with internal and external sleeves. The bearing should be fitted to the rotating shaft and in place.
(3) bearing the bearing seat on the shell, if there is a grease injection hole, it must be aligned. Tighten the bearing seat with the fastening bolts coated with bolts.
(4) the eccentric block inside and outside is installed on the rotating shaft and is in place. The shaft key should be loaded into the key slot and reload the outer eccentric block, and the shaft is mounted on the rotating shaft with the shaft.
(5) fasten the fastening bolt of the eccentric block, rotate the adjustable eccentric block, make it reach the angle position before unloading and tighten the fastening bolt. After the completion of the above assembly, the shaft should be subjected to a certain axial movement.
(6) the protective cover on both ends of the vibration motor is fastened with a screw.
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